Mathematical Verse

Glimpses of History

Part 1. The ancients

Part 2. Renaissance to nineteenth century

Part 3. Twentieth century

The joys of Teaching
Philosophy of Mathematics

There are also some edited selections of conference reports on the Web. The following links were still active when last checked.
Oberwolfach Number Theory Conferences
Prime Numbers, Lille 2001
Zeta Functions and RH Hypotheses, New York 2002

Quality Assurance

All limericks on this page are stuffed with plays on words and internal rhymes. They have been tested on a dour Scotsman who watches no television except the Tour de France and the Lost Gardens of Hooligan.

Some critics’ comments

“English is not a poetic language.” M.J., Finland.
“Shut up, Daddy.” N.H.H., Wales.

Some of the poets whose work I like

Please do not shame their memory by looking for influences or irony.

P. V. Maro
Monk Saigyoo
J. Donne
T. Hood
W. Blake
H. Heine
E. Lear
R. H. Ash
W. T. McGonagall
C. Morgenstern
J. E. Flecker
A. E. Housman
G. K. Chesterton
H. Belloc
T. S. Elliot
R. Greaves
H. A. Field
E. E. Cummings